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Region of Sustainability Excellence (ROSE)

This web site is designed to allow information to be shared with likeminded individuals and organisations who have a serious interest in the practical implementation of sustainability across the four pillars of the environment, economy, community and culture in the local region, whether that is Caithness and North Sutherland, or further afield. We are also keen to hear of your ideas and activities so that we can mutually benefit from our collective experiences.

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A sustainable approach to climate change is the realistic way of balancing the competing needs of the environment with the economic and social impact on the region. Although we believe that anthropogenic activity has caused the significant climate change we see today, a view supported by the global scientific community, we do not address this argument. We are not seeking to open up a debate on the exact level of influence; rather the question of addressing this immediate need. We do not argue that investment now will produce savings later, because businesses are looking for short term benefits and indeed, post Covid 19, survival.

We do, however, argue that actions to address climate change are vital and inevitable. Scottish Government has declared a climate emergency and has set targets to reduce Scottish contribution to climate change by 2045. The target to reduce emissions by 75% by 2030 (compared to 1990) and to achieve net zero by 2045 is a challenging one. The Highland Council similarly declared a climate and ecological emergency in May 2019. So change is inevitable, and if we take advantage of this, it can be economically beneficial in the short and medium term; it should not be detrimental.

ROSE is a concept, a vision for a region based on the four pillars of sustainability - Economy, Environment, Community (Social) and Culture - being considered equally important within a sustainable economic development strategy. We are focussed on Caithness and North Sutherland, a large and relatively remote geographical part of the UK mainland and this region, but one that offers significant opportunities to demonstrate the value of a sustainable economy.

We work with others in the region, whose common goal is to achieve a fully sustainable economy whilst integrating sustainability principles and a net zero carbon approach into development activities. Future prosperity must be the goal of sustainability if it is to be accepted.

To achieve this, ROSE proposes steps to not only address the forthcoming changes, but also take advantage of the opportunities that working and living sustainably can bring. Investing in and designing sustainable products, activities and services can demonstrate and have immediate short-term benefits that will improve the resilience of any organisation and make them fit for the future and take advantage of being first movers.

We can achieve all this by working together at a local level and with others in other regions to learn and improve our efforts. The best changes are always those that are owned locally by people, organisations and businesses that believe in them being workable. Sustainable change needs to happen to ensure enough, for all, forever, and the ROSE initiative seeks to demonstrate how fully embracing all of sustainability can be better for everyone.

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A successful, varied and thriving economy - supported by skilled personnel and using a like minded supply chain.


Protecting our planet - looking after our natural environment and the resources we need, allowing the ecology to thrive so we can all benefit in the future.


Looking after the needs of the community - equity, liveability, health, education, community development, human and workers rights, justice


Looking after the beliefs, practices and heritage of the area that will therefore assist in the arriving at a sustainable future

ROSE Sustainability Ltd aims to promote the shift of Caithness and North Sutherland’s economy to one where sustainability is prioritised.

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