Our approach is to Integrate with partners, volunteer groups and other initiatives already operating in the area to:

  • Set the Vision – ROSE
  • Provide expert assistance and support to help companies and organisations adopt sustainable practices AND realise economic benefits
  • Create/design products and services to illustrate how individual companies and organisations can realise economic benefit from adopting sustainable practices, services and products. See Products, Support and Services.
  • Use pilot projects to demonstrate the financial viability of adopting sustainable practices
  • Educate and train others for the future
  • Communicate widely so that we can share experiences and learn from others
  • Move towards widening the community audience (Social cohesion) and Cultural activities

All our products and services are in various stages of development and are listed on the Products, Support and Services page. ROSE will not deliver any of this; it is the vision. This will be undertaken by a new Community Interest Company, local organisations, businesses and other partners or more likely, a combination. The methodology will change to suit the product, support or service.

We have prioritised our approach and set a programme of work covering 3 years, but initially focussed on:

  • The Business Enterprise Sustainability Tool (BEST)
  • Support to the Sustainability Business Support Hub being established by the Caithness Chamber of Commerce
  • Sharing our experiences using the Blueprint for change

See the Products, Support and Services page for others that will follow.

Key stakeholders

Caithness Chamber Of Commerce

The Chamber operate a Sustainability Business Support hub, aimed at helping businesses throughout the region understand and develop sustainable solutions to help them grow. There is a huge range of support – financial and otherwise – for businesses looking to make their operations more sustainable. They realise that businesses don’t always have time to spend searching through pages of information to find the support that’s exactly right for them. The Chamber team will help businesses take that first step by having a quick, informal chat to understand more about what they are looking for, then finding the right support mechanism and guiding them through the process.

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Environmental Research Institute (ERI), North Highland College (NHC), University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)

Magnus Davidson
A Research Associate with the University of the Highlands and Island’s Environmental Research Institute, based in Thurso. He currently works across a number of projects largely focused on understanding the social and economic impacts of various industries on the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. A proponent of community lead, bottom up approaches, he is currently a Board Member of North Highland College UHI and a Director of Community Land Scotland amongst others. He is an advocate for ROSE Sustainability and supports the development of products, services and processes.

ERI is part of North Highland College UHI. The ERI have a rapidly evolving research profile and provide a high quality, vibrant research environment. Our young, highly-motivated team have the ethos of multi- and inter-disciplinary securely embedded. The ERI has become a focus for promoting excellence in research in the region, largely due to the ability of its investigators to work with stakeholder, commercial, academic and educational organisations alike. The research institute has specific research theme, Environment, Economy, and Society investigating sustainability issues. They are amongst other things supporting the development of products and education and training programme development.

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Zero Waste Scotland

Helen Lavery
Zero Waste Scotland leads Scotland to use products and resources responsibly. Using evidence and insight, their goal is to inform policy, and motivate individuals and businesses to embrace the environmental, economic, and social benefits of a circular economy. They provide assistance for integration with Scottish Government activities and support.

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University Of Chester

Centre for Research into Environmental Science and Technology

Professor Julieanna Powell-Turner
One of the UK’s leading experts on sustainability, with over 20 years UK and overseas experience gained through academia and the private/public sector. Her expertise covers environmental sustainability which builds on her background in environmental science. Julieanna is currently at the University of Chester as Professor of Environmental Sustainability and Director of the Centre for Research into Environmental Science and Technology (CREST). Much of her time is spent collaborating with SMEs to design, develop, and bring new environmental products and services to market. She is an advocate for ROSE Sustainability and supports the development of products, services and processes.

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ROSE Sustainability Ltd aims to promote the shift of Caithness and North Sutherland’s economy to one where sustainability is prioritised.

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