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To help businesses and other organisations understand the benefits of sustainability, we are developing a number of tools:

  • The Business Enterprise Sustainability Tool (BEST) – an SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) aware proprietary diagnostic audit tool, designed for businesses and organisations to realise the specific benefits (economic, environmental, community and cultural) they can achieve by adopting a strategy based around sustainability. The tool will not only help prepare companies and organisations for a future based around change to incorporate climate action, but also identify real economic benefits by focusing expert advice in multiple fields on specific company requirements.
  • The SCoT – Sustainable Community Tool (under development) does exactly the same thing as the BEST tool above but has a community focus. It will provide systematic analysis against sustainability criteria, ie. economic, environmental, community and cultural activities.
  • A self-assessment tool (under development) to enable continual self-assessment and improvement. Based on the principles of Triple Bottom Line Accounting (financial, environmental and social).

Learning and sharing

We believe it is important to share our journey with others, what went well, and lessons learned.  One of our communication tools will be  through the production of a serialised publication called a “Blueprint for change. “It will consider:

  • A narrative of what we’ve done and why we’ve done it
  • What went well and why, and,
  • Lessons learned to date

It will tell the story of the journey and benefits of moving towards a sustainable future.

In addition, our colleague at the Environmental Research Institute in Thurso (part of the University of the Highlands and Islands) will help advise on appropriate training, skills and education courses to support the relevant businesses and organisations.

Customer services

To enable the products and services to be delivered to the various customers, an integrated service offering is required.

  • Expert support and advice to businesses on all aspects of sustainability and the benefits it can provide if implemented properly. Our in house expert, Dr Julian Harrop is supported with external advice from Magnus Davidson of the Environmental Research Institute in Thurso, our Highland region expert and Professor Julieanna Powell-Turner of the University of Chester and CREST, one of the foremost experts on sustainability in the UK.
  • The Sustainability Business Support – This is a venture run by our colleagues in the Caithness Chamber of Commerce, who have established sustainability support to provide real, tangible help to businesses and organisations through the use of sustainability. They will assist in identifying all green finance and support available from multiple sources and making it easily digestible so that businesses and other organisations can take advantage in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

Enabling activities

To ensure that project delivery is properly supported:

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ROSE Sustainability Ltd aims to promote the shift of Caithness and North Sutherland’s economy to one where sustainability is prioritised.

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